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National Archives can promote patriotism

Minister Young

Minister of Communications Stuart Young, M.P (right) looks at a document that has been restored by the National Archives of Trinidad and Tobago as the Assistant Conservator Janice Jeffrey explains the work of the Conservation Lab. Looking on is Avril Belfon, Government Archivist.


The National Archives of Trinidad and Tobago has a key role in promoting patriotism in Trinidad and Tobago.

The Minister of Communications the Honourable Stuart Young, M.P made this observation following a comprehensive tour of the National Archives which now includes facilities that accommodate persons with disabilities.

“Coming here to the National Archives gives me an appreciation of what it is. It’s of historical significance: the safeguarding, digitizing and how they’re making sure that going forward, we can look back at our history.”

He said he was very impressed by what he saw:

“What they’re doing is extremely relevant to us; as a country if we get this right it also promotes patriotism.”

The National Archives of Trinidad and Tobago is home to, inter alia:

- The oldest newspaper, the Port of Spain Gazette and the first issue of the Trinidad Guardian

The general register documenting the arrival of the East Indian Indentured labourers

The registry of slaves

Census reports

The original contracts of Chinese indentured labourers, and

A collection of rare books on the history of Trinidad and Tobago.

But it also has a well-equipped in-house conservation laboratory which does, among other things, disaster recovery to ensure this country’s records are preserved. Its Records Management training and advisory services provide services to government ministries and state agencies.

The National Archives was established in 1960 and falls under the Ministry of Communications. 


 NATT building    Digitization Lab    

 Photos above:

(left) Enhanced National Archives' facilities to accommodate persons with disabilities.

(right) This is what we do: Senior Archives and Records Officer Roma Wong Sang, Minister of Communications Stuart Young, M.P and Government Archivist Avril Belfon look on as Reprographics Technician (OJT) Marina Connell demonstrates how to scan a document on the medium format scanner at the National Archives of Trinidad and Tobago.