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Preserving community memory - a course for community organizations by Caribbean Yard Campus and the National Archives

The National Archives is pleased to partner with the Caribbean Yard Campus (CYC) to offer a 12-week course for community organizations entitled ‘Now You See Me…’: Preserving Community Memory. The course runs from 26 September to 16 December 2017, and explores methods of research, collecting, organizing, and managing historical records, cultural artefacts, built heritage and oral traditions. It aims to:  

  • equip and empower communities to document, preserve and transmit their heritage in all its forms;
  • strengthen the capacity of individuals and groups through networking and collaborations;
  • help individuals and groups develop instruments of continuity and sustainability; and
  • locate heritage within a cultural economy.

The course constructs itself on community projects being undertaken by participants. Through a collaborative learning process or gayap, participants will engage in the development of their project as well as others, guided by heritage professionals. Sessions will be interactive and participatory, involving discussions, field visits and practical assignments.

The Caribbean Yard Campus is an educational enterprise that is designed to network traditional knowledge systems in the Caribbean. The National Archives successfully collaborated with the CYC during Carnival this year for “Carnival of Long Ago” which promoted the art installation of wooden Carnival figurines by Leighton James as well as discussions which captured oral histories of noted mas men.


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