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LATEST ACQUISITION: African Heritage Sites in Trinidad and Tobago

Cover African Heritage Sites publication


African Heritage Sites in Trinidad and Tobago

ISBN: 978-976-8210-84-5

Second edition 2014


African Heritage Sites in Trinidad and Tobago, a publication of the Ministry of National Diversity and Social Integration, is the first of its kind. The publication highlights the history and heritage of free and enslaved Africans who were brought to Trinidad and Tobago as early as the 17th century, and who helped to build the twin-island nation.  It details fifteen (15) African heritage sites in both islands, interspersed with photographs and maps.

The publication was researched and written by Eintou Pearl Springer, poet, playwright, founder of the National Heritage Library and cultural chair of the Emancipation Support Committee. The first edition was originally conceived and printed in 2013 as a travel guide to coincide with the visit of members of the US-based organization, Travel Professionals of Colour (TPOC), which has had a long-standing collaboration with the Emancipation Support Committee.  Due to overwhelming requests for copies by libraries, teachers, students and the general public, the publication was revised and republished by the Ministry.  A copy is available for reference at the National Archives.


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