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The Report by Schellenberg and Black

 These developments culminated in the Government contracting the services of Dr. T. R. Schellenberg, Assistant Archivist, U.S.A. and Mr. Clinton Black, Government Archivist Jamaica in 1958. They were asked to:-

  • Do a comprehensive survey to ascertain the extent of archival records in Trinidad and Tobago .
  • Give expert guidance on the collection and preservation of valuable records.
  • Establish a foundation for an archives, including legislation.
  • Educate the general public on the value of the archives

Schellenberg and Black submitted a report by June 1958. This report recommended the following:-

Report by Schellenberg and Black
  • Creation of an archival institution.
  • The appointment of an Archivist.
  • The appointment of a Government Archives Committee.
  • The establishment of a Records Committee.
  • The enactment of legislation to govern and maintain the disposition of Government’s records.  


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